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How it all got started..

Everything all began through a conversation between agencies trying to identify a service that had been missing and seemed to be needed by the community. Understanding that there was a gap in opportunities and supports that the students in the school system could receive. With remote learning in place and access to Chromebooks granted the needed for tutoring and technology support appeared necessary.With this in mind and the initial conversations the program began developing. After about a month and a half worth of work and developing the program the first pilot phase was ready to be launched. With the feedback and ongoing evolution of the program has allowed it to grow rapidly and improve over time. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to extend out of the Sonoma Valley and be replicated County Wide. While in the County wide effort we plan on creating a network in which all partners and collaborators will have a chance to connect and bounce ideas off of each other. 




We welcome you to learn more about the program and discover what we have to offer. 

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