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Meet our Team:

Below you will find out a little bit more about our team members  that help run the program and help create the connections between the schools, teachers, students, volunteers and parents. 

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Yuliana Camarena

Founder and Manager of Program

"My name is Yuliana Camarena and I am the Early Education Manager for La Luz Center. One of the programs that I manage within my responsibilities is the El Verano Family Resource Center (FRC). As part of the FRC we have had the opportunity to create the "Supporting our Students" virtual tutoring program my role is to constantly evaluate the program and make changes and adjustments as needed. I also am one of the first points of contacts for partners and other agencies in being a part of the program or using this model in their district." 

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Monserrat Archila

Founder and Ongoing Partner Outreach


Juanita Hernandez

Parent and Student Connection

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Thalia Ruiz

Volunteer, School Connection and Support

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"My name is Thalia Ruiz and I am the Family Coordinator at the El Verano Family Resource Center for La Luz Center. I help connect resources to community members of Sonoma Valley. For the Supporting our Students program, I assist with the communication flow between the tutors, the school, and the students. Specifically, I assist with introducing new tutors into the program, give necessary information on educational needs and concerns of the students to the tutors, and communicate with the parents with any concerns."

"My nane is Montserrat Archila and I have worked at Providence St. Joseph Health for the past 15 years. I am passionate about collaborating with and serving the diverse communities that comprise Sonoma County. I am a  School-Based Behavioral Health Lead for the Community Health Investment department. Her focus is supporting local schools and surrounding communities by bringing resources, trainings, and convening partners, to build resilience and improve long term health outcomes."


Monserrat was in of the founders of the tutoring program and is in constant connection with partners and agencies looking for support to bring this program to their district. 

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